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Posted 2 weeks ago

There are secrets that threaten the imminent wedding at Rufeng Sect in Volume 5 of The Husky and his White Cat Shizun. It took Mo Ran a bloody way up to the top to become emperor of the cultivation world, and yet his cruel reign left him with little satisfaction. After taking his own life, he awakes in his own body at age 16, years before his bloody conquests. It's his second chance at life and he's a novice disciple at the cultivation sect known as Sisheng Peak. There he vows to attain the gratification that eluded him in his last life, and to never be treated like a dog ever again. His furious passion burns most fiercely for his shizun, Chu Wanning, the beautiful yet cold teacher who's aloof as a cat in his presence. Now on our shelves at Fully Booked branches and Fully Booked Online. Along with other graphic novels, manga, and sci-fi & fantasy reads, it will be at 20% off during #FCBD2024atFullyBooked this Saturday, May 18, 2024! 📚

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