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Posted 1 week ago

QUARANTINE DIARIES #1 Our collective anxiety for COVID-19 has been crippling Ka Nami took a break from social media because changes in Negros island have been happening so fast. A community quarantine was announced for our province at the start of the week. Our couriers suddenly stopped accepting ship outs and just shut down their local branches. The panic-buying mentality invaded and shelves in the groceries were cleared for the first time ever. Fake news spread like wildfi re and we couldn’t tell what was the truth anymore. It’s all been so confusing. I have the privilege to work from home and I am so grateful for it. But my heart breaks for the medical frontliners, service workers, public servants, and other daily wage earners. And it’s been frustrating to see a lack of compassion from the disconnected elites of this country. I offer my practice today for collective compassion. And I am learning to let go of fear. Fear of the uncertainty of our future. I accept the things I can and can’t change. Ka Nami is taking a hit financially but we choose not to operate with a mentality of scarcity. Bayanihan is our key to resiliency for this pandemic. Let’s give and donate what we can to the causes that need us most (frontliners’ supplies, food aid, etc.) For this week, we will try to contribute by posting about our little ways on how to keep healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally. Preventive healthcare is one of the best ways we can protect ourselves and the people around us against the virus. We at Ka Nami Pasador wish everyone good health during trying times. Halong gid kita tanan ❤️

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