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Posted 6 days ago

NEW ECO CONFIGURATION: THE ECOPIXEL -------- One of Saber Source's mission is to share the love of lightsabers to everybody, and we are constantly looking for ways to make the latest tech accessible to all. One of the most sought after is the neopixel/LED strip tech that gives the brightest blades with the scrolling ignition and retraction effects, among others. And now, it's not gonna break your bank! We are officially launching our EcoPixel configuration to our Eco Sabers single-blade lineup. Just to recap, our current Eco Sabers consist of the Prime, Tala, Shinai V2, with more designs coming your way (see the video for the upcoming new design). The EcoPixel configuration now enables you to get a neopixel saber at a very affordable price! Here are the standard features: ✅ Removable blade ✅ Scrolling ignition/retraction ✅ Multiple soundfonts + mute ✅ Infinite selectable colors ✅ Blaster block/Flash on clash/Lock-up All EcoPixel configuration are now up for pre-orders, and orders will arrive by 3rd to 4th week of November. For the pricing, you only need to add P2,800 to any single-blade Eco sabers in the lineup! So the pricing goes for: ⭐️ Prime EcoPixel - P7,300 ⭐️ Tala EcoPixel - P8,700 ⭐️ Shinai V2 EcoPixel - P9,700 For less than P10K, you get your very own neopixel saber!!! How cool is that??? So order yours now! Place them here: Special thanks to Paolo Bragais for the spin demo.

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