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••• YOU COULD WIN A ₽500 ONLINE GIFT CARD: Choose the CORRECT statement for each question! ••• Hint 👉 find the answers in this video: 1. Skin darkening on private parts — groin, breasts, buttocks, etc. — is often: {A} Pigmented contact dermatitis (PCD) {B} Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) {C} All of the above 2. PIH is relatively easy to identify because it is preceded by redness, itching, a rash, etc. {A} True {B} False 3. PCD is often misdiagnosed as “just skin aging” because it is a gradual darkening not preceded by typical signs of inflammation. {A} True {B} False 4. Your underwear could be a cause: {A} True! Dyes (bright or dark colors), elastics, foams, rubbers, metal fasteners, and tight materials (especially in these areas which are often covered and get sweaty and humid) can cause darkening. {B} False. 5. Fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and other top allergens in which other things can also cause darkening? {A} Soap {B} Body wash {C} Genital washes, lubes, etc. {D} Laundry detergent, softener, drier sheets, etc. {E} Body lotion {F} Seat cushions and covers {G} Foams and rubbers in chairs {H} All of the above 6. What are some effective ways to lighten darkening in these areas? {A} Get diagnosed by a dermatologist to rule out other skin or health conditions. {B} Strict allergen avoidance: get a patch test to make sure you’re avoiding what you need to. Prevention alone can lighten the skin and is also necessary with active treatments to prevent recurrence. {C} Use lightening treatments (but carefully, with your doctor’s ok). {D} All of the above Show your #skinfatuation: follow #WinningWednesday for a chance to win every week! #SavingTheWorldsSkin #hypoallergenic #privateparts #underwear #hyperpigmentation #contactdermatitis #sensitiveskin

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