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LAST DAY! HURRY!!! END OF SEASON SALE!πŸ—“ Promo runs until June 22 only. πŸ’œ50% OFF on EMS BodySculpt β€’ Absculpt | 1 session | P2.5K (Save P2.5K!) β€’ Thighsculpt | 1 session | P2K (Save P2K!) β€’ Calvesculpt | 1 session | P2K (Save P2K!) β€’ Buttsculpt | 1 session | P1.5K (Save P1.5K!) β€’ Armsculpt | 1 session | P1.5K (Save P1.5K!) *EMS BodySculpt is available in selected branches only: πŸ›οΈSHOP ONLINE: Book Your Appointment Now The Easy Way With SkinStation Mobile App. Download at πŸ“²App Store (for IPhones): πŸ“²Google Play Store (for Androids): ➑️ Until June 22 only! ➑️ Until June 23 for Elite 2.0 Members! Not yet a member? SIGN UP NOW: The EMS BodySculpt uses High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology (HIFEM) to lose fat and build muscle. Its benefits: β€’ Increase muscle mass β€’ Burns fat β€’ Muscle toning β€’ Decrease diastasis (diastasis is a split between rectus muscles caused by multiple pregnancy) β€’ No downtime β€’ Helps muscle recover from sports injuries All packages are valid for 3 years!

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