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Posted 1 year ago

And we're down to the last! Congratulations to you and your father, @superjeeaaa! I'm sure he'll enjoy having a new Police watch to take with you on your adventures! πŸ˜„ Just like travelling, our Police watches strive to give you something new every collection! Thank you to everyone who participated! #PoliceWatchfortheBestDad #repost @superjeeaaa β€’ β€’ β€’ My Dad is an adventurous soul with a great appetite for life and everything it has to offer. He loves taking us to travels with him because he wants us to be able to start exploring the world at an early age. He always makes sure we check off our bucketlist with him - be it whale shark watching in Oslob, island hopping in El Nido or taking the Underground River tour in Puerto Princesa, you name it! He believes traveling is one of the best ways he could teach us, make us learn lessons we wouldn't get from the four corners of the classroom - such as handling different kinds of people by interacting with locals and tourists, learning simple business by witnessing first hand the various ways of making a living, knowing ourselves and what we like by experiencing different cultures and values and, of course, to simply enjoy life by enjoying ourselves in different activities and places. For me, he's not just the best Dad, he's the best man in the entire universe for he goes way above and beyond being a father. He sent us to school but he made sure our education won't be limited to that. He established our good relationship by communicating with us and respecting our feelings. He's our best friend, our mentor, our ally. And because of that, we grew up with an emotional intelligence that helped us tremendously in difficult situations. And for that, I believe he deserves a Police watch. For teaching us that life is good no matter the weather, this is for you Daddy! Love you and gotyu always! @watchrepublicshop #PoliceWatchfortheBestDad #PoliceWatches #PoliceLifestyle #WatchRepublicShop

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