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Posted 4 days ago

After mom’s long day, whether she is pregnant, breastfeeding, taking care of little ones, juggling work and that long list of to-dos, here’s something that can become an essential: a warm shower with the AS-Mist Shower head. What it can do: 1. Relieve stress with the gentle aroma of an essential oil (my 11 year old daughter loves this feature. Our shower session will always include her appreciation for the refreshing scent). 2. The fine mist, coupled with a finer one can help address engorgement for the breastfeeding mom. There’s a general advice regarding warm showers to address engorgement. BUT, let us refine that advice and share with you that putting this shower head to your engorged breast will combine: massage, aroma therapy and the feeling that you’re refreshed after a shower!! The bonus: you get to choose the spray mode! And yes, this special shower head is still so much more: has a Vitamin C filter that removes 98% of residual chlorine from tap water, patented triangular water spray plate hole technology can save 10-25% water while increasing pressure compared to other shower heads and releases negative ions to wash away the day’s toxins. With a simple step of replacing your shower head, your experience can become “a whole new world.” 😊😊😊 AND if you’re still looking for a FATHER’s DAY gift for your most loving, patient, kind, hardworking and awesome Dad, consider this mist 🚿 ! Inquire via 0917-8903862 #TPEApproved #ParentingSupportIncluded #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy #TheParentingEmporium

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