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••• YOU COULD WIN A ₽500 ONLINE GIFT CARD: Choose the CORRECT statement for each question! ••• Hint: this was the topic of a recent livestream (watch replays on our YouTube channel)! 1. Which procedure has no proven efficacy and comes with serious health risks: {A} Fillers {B} Botox {C} Glutathione (especially when given by I.V.) {D} Laser {E} Chemical Peel 2. Lasers that emit electromagnetic radiation have these risks: {A} Hyperpigmentation {B} Burns {C} Effects on the bone {D} Other health risks that may be discovered over time due to how deeply they deliver radiation {E} All of the above 3. The enerjet is a favorite alternative to lasers because it… {A} Uses only air propulsion — there is no risk of hyperpigmentation and other issues linked to radiation {B} Is less painful {C} Has less to no downtime {D} Delivers immediate and long-term benefits {E} Is effective even on scars and stretch marks {F} All of the above 4. Chemical Peels are great but must be customized for each patient. {A} True. A “one-size-fits-all” approach has risks from hyperpigmentation to severe reactions. {B} False. 5. A good procedure is all you need! {A} True. Look for the newest and most expensive one! {B} False. While procedures can be dramatic, nothing is as effective as a good daily skin regimen and healthy lifestyle. 6. Coolsculpting may remove less fat than liposuction and both often result in a return to pre-procedure weight. {A} True. Proper nutrition and exercise are still best. {B} False. After the procedure I can eat whatever I want and stop going to the gym! Watch the recording of our livestream for more helpful info on this topic. Show your #skinfatuation: follow #WinningWednesday for a chance to win every week — and don’t miss our Wednesday LIVE streams 10pm EST; 10am Thursday Manila) for hints to the answers! #SavingTheWorldsSkin #hypoallergenic

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