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Posted 6 days ago

Whether Kaleidoscope ended up a postcard book or an oracle deck, one thing was non-negotiable for us - it was that the back of the card should be in postcard format with profile of artist as stamp. We really wanted it to have multiple uses for you so in case we ended up with a deck instead, you can still use them eventually for gifting to friends if the energy of the cards no longer align with yours! ✨ As mentioned in previous posts, our anniversary campaign is about connections so we wanted to give the illustrations on your card a face. That hopefully, through the profile and bio of the artist, you can feel more connected to the piece and the person who made it for you. ❤️ The next tough part of having the book is tearing off a page for sending to friends or decorating your room! 😅 You think you’ll be able to do it??? Comment 😱 if no and 🤗 if yes for a chance to win our anniversary giveaway! Swipe for details! Down to our last 27/50 books! 😱 BUY A BOOK 📚 SAVE OUR HOMES 🏘 #FundtheFuturePH

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