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Reflecting on the obsessive rendering of lines on the canvas, one discovers not merely a visual abstraction, but an intricate narrative—a whispered meditation on the essence of self and the boundless depths of human expression. “I”, an introspective solo exhibition by Alfonso Recto, offers a captivating inquiry into the essence of individuality and creative expression. Through a series of 11 abstract paintings, Recto delves into the multifaceted nature of the self while symbolizing the act of making a mark as an individual within the competitive landscape of the contemporary art world. At the heart of Recto’s artistic exploration lies the fundamental gesture, the mark “I” or the letter “I” or the Roman numeral “I”, which all serve as a visual motif and a symbolic representation of selfhood. Through repetitive short lines resembling this primal symbol, Recto creates a series of striking compositions that evoke a sense of raw authenticity and primal energy. — Fabrianne Morales “I” is on display at Altro Mondo at The Picasso until June 17, 2024. Gallery hours are Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM. For inquiries, please contact us on Facebook (@altromondoart) or Instagram (@altromondoart). You may also message us on Viber or WhatsApp at +63 929 709 0396, or email us at #altromondoart

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