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Posted 7 months ago

TAKE ON THOUSANDS IN BATTLE! Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate for PS4 will be available today at Datablitz! The supreme WARRIORS OROCHI experience is here! The definitive installment of the WARRIORS OROCHI 4, featuring all the content of the WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack, is available now. WARRIORS OROCHI 4 • Dream collaboration between characters of SAMURAI WARRIORS and DYNASTY WARRIORS • The largest roster of playable characters: 170 unique characters! • New Magic action and powered-up Musou attacks! • New unexpected and captivating characters! WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack • The world of WARRIORS OROCHI 4 is expanded with the addition of new characters Gaia and Hades, who are here to shed some light on the questions left unanswered in the main story. • Familiar faces from Koei Tecmo games: Achilles, Joan of Arc and Ryu Hayabusa join the battle! • Enhanced Musou action, featuring the addition of the new Sacred Treasure exchange, and Musou Switch Combo systems! • New replayability elements: Infinity and Challenge modes! Region: R2/EU Price: P2,495.00 NOTE: Branch delivery schedules vary per location. Please call your preferred branch to confirm on its availability before dropping by. Our store directory can be found here:

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