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Posted 2 weeks ago

We’re late to #FaceEqualityWeek but will get better and continue to learn — what a marvelous and imperative initiative! Go visit @changingfacesuk ! “We know from the many patients and clients that we care for how often people with visible skin conditions can be unfairly or cruelly treated and how directly this can impact one’s mental health. It’s one of the reasons why mental health support is part of the standard of care for psoriasis, for example. How powerful that this organization is pushing further to raise awareness and encourage positive representation. Go check them out” - @lauraatvmv Repost @changingfacesuk “What did you see, that made you leave me out?” Everyone knows how it feels to be left out. Yet, as a society, we turn our back on difference. For far too long, people with visible differences have found themselves either ignored by popular culture or presented as victims or villains. All the while having to manage the reactions of other people. This #FaceEqualityWeek, we’re calling for more positive representations of visible differences in books, films, TV and the wider media. And while we wait for brands, businesses, film makers, script writers and marketeers to catch up, our campaigners are saying: #ThisIsMe, becoming the representation they need so that no one else with a visible difference is made to feel like they don’t belong or fit in. This week, we’re asking you to support us to be seen and heard - and join us, to celebrate difference. #Birthmark #Scar #Alopecia #Vitiligo #Rosacea #ToHelpMyAnxiety #MentalHealth #VisibleDifference

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