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Posted 3 weeks ago

After the energy-conserving winter months, the energy of the season wants to rise up, push through, and get things done. It’s active and energetic and supports vision, creativity, and leadership. If you have conserved a lot of energy during the kidney wintertime, you will have the energy to come out filled with vitality and life. This is the time of year we can work on any blockages so we can have access to all that great energy. With the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-home, stay-safe orders, we are living in uniquely challenging times right now. And most likely, many of us will be experiencing an imbalance this coming spring because that rising energy can’t express itself the right way. The result is QI STAGNATION and it feels like anger and irritability, depression, mood swings, migraines, pain, tension and tightness (especially in the neck, shoulders, and sides of the body), PMS, and worsening cramps, excessive sighing, and indigestion. For the creative types- you may be experiencing “writer’s block” or lack of direction/ vision/ focus. Learn how to live according to the seasons. Learn what acupressure points are best per season and learn how to eat, when is the best time to heal different organs according to different seasons. SPRING TIPS 1. Emotional release tea + Liver Tonic Soup Pack supports the spring season to prevent qi stagnation 2. GET MOVING. Moving that stuck energy can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths (Liver and Gall Bladder energy can get stuck at the diaphragm), going for a walk (the type of exercise associated with the wood element), or stretching (the tendons and sinews.) 3. Acutapper every morning to make sure the nerves start to wake up and be active this spring season. 4. Sekhem Healing Myrrh oil is especially nourishing and grounding. It helps move qi and blood to prevent any stagnation. LIVING WITH THE SEASONS HEALTH CLASS JANUARY 9, 2022 9AM TO 12NN #CLEOPATRASSECRETPH #spring #health #healthy #healthlifestyle #lifestyle #nutrition

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