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Posted 2 weeks ago

Coconut oil’s ability to naturally go from liquid to solid depending on the temperature is a good thing! #TopTipTuesday #skingenious “Because coconut oil is saturated and more stable, it does not need to go through partial hydrogenation. In fact, what partial hydrogenation tries to get the unsaturated oils to copy, coconut oil does naturally. Coconut oil has an inherent yin and yang trait: it effortlessly switches from one physical form to another through the simple rise or fall of a room’s temperature. In the tropics, and at room temperatures at or above 25oC (76oF), coconut oil is a clear liquid. In cooler climates or in the refrigerator, the oil readily becomes a pristine white butter … PUFA oils tend to always remain in the liquid oil state. They need partial hydrogenation to transform their oily texture to that of butter, lard, or margarine. This partial hydrogenation of PUFA oils creates 40% or more trans fats … very bad for your heart and general health.” - Dr. Vermén Verallo-Rowell, Rx: Coconuts (The Perfect Health Nut). Coconut oil can be substituted 1:1 for other fats. I’m its solid state, use it as you would butter in baking (or as a soothing, anti-inflammatory cold compress on skin!) #hypoallergenic #coconutoil #vco #SavingTheWorldsSkin Want a (tele)consultation at the research center and clinic behind many of the published studies on virgin coconut oil? PM VMV Skin Research Centre+Clinics today!

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