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Posted 4 days ago

The Whirlpool Bloom wash and Stainwash Ultra washing machines, as the name suggests creates a bloom like pattern that creates rollover in clothes. “Rollover of clothes” is important in washing machine terminology because “rollover” ensures that clothes are being washed properly. And they are being scrubbed and cleansed thoroughly. Similar to the hand wash action thats been associated with the Whirlpool brand over the years. Another feature that this model has is the ZPF tec hnology or Zero Pressure Fill, this means that this washer can still operate even for areas without or very low water pressure. Plus it has a built in heater that not only can remove stains but can remove up to 99.97% of Germs, Bacteria and Viruses 🦠 that can attach to your clothes. A VERY important feature to have this Pandemic. Available in 4 sizes 14 kg, 12 kg, 9 kg and 8 kg capacity. Visit our website for more details. #Whirlpoolphilippines #Bloomwashaction #Designedtodelight

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