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Kidney stones are the Jing. In alternative medicine, when Jing runs out, you die as well. Everybody has a set amount of Jing at birth. A healthy newborn has a lifetime of it. The amount of essence one receives depends on many reasons but particularly the mother and father's health, mother's nutrition and emotional state during pregnancy and so on. Our essence enters your body and like a network of tree roots, it anchors all the energy you’ll expend in your lifetime. So why should you care about Jing, if there’s nothing you can do about the essence you’ve inherited? Why should you care about it if you’re born with a predetermined amount of it? Over the course of your life, if you live a life of moderation, you’ll likely keep a good chunk of it stored in your energy savings account. But if you take out too many withdrawals, your ‘financial essence future’ might not be so bright. Top 5 things that drain your Jing Excessive sexual ejaculation Lack of sleep and staying up late Anger Chronic stress Drugs and alcohol abuse Signs that your Jing is leaking excessively This Premium Kidney Soup Pack Contains herbs and ingredients that have been used by the ancients to extend longevity. To know more about our soup packs, you may get it at #heart #alternativemedicine #cleopatrassecretph

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