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Posted 3 months ago

"We may not see the results of the fight in this lifetime but as a mother, I have kids who will have kids, who will have kids, and so on, it matters to me that our generation made sure that there is a future ready for these children. We have no right to destroy this planet." - Rina Teoxon Papio , Founder of Earthventure, Inc. Rina encourages us to rethink what we consider as waste and turn them into a resource; advocating that we should not be throwing our food waste because t hey can be turned into compost. Apart from this, hear her share real life struggles and successes in implementing sustainability at home. -- The home is one of the key places where values and mindsets are shaped, and habits and practices are formed. How can parents bring up more mindful stewards of the planet, and introduce pro-environmental behaviors at home? How might both children and parents convince the other to make more sustainable choices while nurturing positive relationships? . Join the conversation with Rina at Session #2: Sustainability at Home at the MUNI Open House on February 16 at Clock In BGC (Bonifacio Technology Center)! Register today via . 😊 #muniopenhouse #munimeetup #sustainability #naturalmedicine #zerowastehome #bokashi #compost #zerowaste #zerowasteph #mindfulliving #consciousconsumption #consciouscommunity

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