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Posted 2 weeks ago

BORRO Borro Manila Truffle pasta. One of my favorite pasta. It lacked taste. Like it was watered down or something. Herbed beef. It tasted good, but that paper thin serving made the texture odd and the meat dry. Beef salpicao. It was ok, but wasn't my favorite. Coleslaw, shouldn't be just shredded veggie.... Given all these.... LOVE THIS PLACE! That boneless fried chicken.... BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER! I don't know what they did to it. But that single dish ALONE made this place worth it. Seafood pasta. The Mariana sauce. Geeezus! I'm a white sauce fan but dayum! This red sauce made me rethink my life choices! The beef sauce/gravy. I can eat that and rice and I'll be satisfied! Heck, I'd pay for that sauce! Dessert. Mango crepe was regular. Good but regular. Chocolate cake was moist, not too sweet and one of the better choco cakes I've eaten. The creme brulé stole the show though. So creamy and ohhhh soooo good! The service here is outrageously good. The fact the our pasta order arrived 2 min after the free bread... I even made sure it wasn't some other table's order. Price. Actually cheap given their servings are big. If they tell you it's good for 4, believe them or else you'll end up like us. Buuuurp.... Lastly, the ambiance. Top 5% of all restos in the Philippines for sure! 5 of 5 for me. Too many good eats and stuff that makes the not so good things insignificant. #wherecollectingisalifestyle

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