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Posted 6 days ago

June is also #acneawareness month! ••• YOU COULD WIN A ₽500 ONLINE GIFT CARD: Choose the CORRECT statement for each question! ••• 🍿 Watch this short video on 6 things that may surprise you about acne! Which of these can help clear your acne? {A} Getting a diagnosis from a dermatologist to confirm that it IS acne, what microbes are involved, and if there are other health considerations {B} Using non-comedogenic products {C} Using non-acnegenic (hypoallergenic) products {D} Anti-inflammatory foods and habits like fresh veggies, 7-8 hours of sleep each night, managing stress {E} Avoiding friction from rough fabrics or repetitive rubbing from a helmet, for example (try a white cotton cloth as a barrier) {F} Keeping sweat controlled with Essence Antiperspirant or Stay Fresh-ener {G} A gentle yet effective, non-irritating, non-allergenic, broad-spectrum antimicrobial (that’s still microbiome-friendly) like monolaurin! {H} A patch test to more accurately identify what could be irritating your pores {I} Monthly facials, especially with proper comedone extraction {J} All of the above Show your #skinfatuation: follow #WinningWednesday for a chance to win every week! #hypoallergenic #skincare #sensitiveskin #acne #sweatacne #malassezia #coconut #monolaurin #contactdermatitis #SavingTheWorldsSkin

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