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Blooms and Bounty" is a visual metaphor for the concept of abundance and generosity through the depiction of trees in painting by Janddie Castillo. Trees have a lot to teach us about resilience, growth, and, most importantly, sharing what is ours. In a world filled with beautiful trees, there is a captivating sight of one with lively, vibrant-colored foliage appearing as a tree with abundant fruits. Castillo believes that by choosing to keep your tree's fruits solely for your benefit, you will miss the opportunity to share abundance with others and foster a sense of community and interconnectedness where everyone's bounty are met, compassion flows freely, and the beauty of our collective humanity blossoms in full splendor. This captivating exhibition will be on view from May 26 to June 9, 2024 at Galerie Francesca's new space in Megamall πŸ”Ž.png For inquiries and viewing appointments, you may send us a direct message or email us at You can also click the link on our bio for more information πŸ›’.pngShop now at for collectible, functional, and wearable art!.

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