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“Batang 90’s” brings the vibrant culture of the 90s back to life, featuring the toys, games, and TV shows that shaped a generation. The exhibition gathers an eclectic group of artists, each bringing their unique perspective to the nostalgic themes of the era. Among them include Acidhead, who captivates with intricate leather etchings that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary themes. Astrid Anabo, a psychology professor and oil painter, transitions from photorealism to magical realism with a futuristic twist, exploring human psychology through animalistic representations of primal drives, influenced by Carl Jung’s theories. Anabo’s creative process involves digital concept rendering before transforming ideas onto canvas with oils or acrylics. And Node75, who reimagines popular characters like Homer Simpson and Mickey Mouse, infusing them with a hyperrealistic, street-inspired aesthetic that bridges the gap between nostalgia and modernity. The exhibition features works by Acidhead, Astrid Anabo, Brook, Bryan Coroza, Camsy Valencia, Gabo Valenzuela, Jaycel Musnit, Marky Barredo, Nantz Matienzo, Nicolle Plamer, Sigwada Knicolai, and Valerie Teng. Revisit and reinterpret the 90s through the eyes of these talented artists, blending past memories with contemporary art forms. BATANG 90’s will formally open to the public this Saturday, July 13, here at the Altro Mondo Creative Space. #altromondoart

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