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It’s a daily tradition for some Asian households to tear a page off this calendar every morning. The Chinese Calendar may look confusing at first with its pages packed with all kinds of information ranging from the date of the day to the best position to win a mahjong game. It’s said that the Chinese calendar was first created over 4,000 years ago by the Yellow Emperor, China’s legendary first emperor. Compared to the Western, or Gregorian, calendar that is only based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun, the Chinese calendar is lunisolar and also takes into account the moon’s orbit around the Earth. The Yellow Emperor’s advisors found that the seasons would change for every 15 degrees that the Earth rotated around the sun. To help farmers better tend to their crops, they documented this change to highlight these optimal times. Over the years, Chinese Calendar manufacturers would add additional information as gimmicks to add entertainment value and boost sales. The Chinese Calendars of today often include things such as the lucky numbers for lottery predictions, auspicious times of the day and even the menu for the day’s dinner. Although it is not entirely accurate, it does lead to a fun time looking through the pages. Did you grow up with these Chinese Calendars? #ThinkYouKnow #ChineseCalendar

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