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Posted 3 days ago

Hurry sickness is a mixture of anxiety and a continual feeling of urgency. You always feel the need to hustle in everything you do. The sad truth is, you are hurrying yourself to the grave. How you wake up each day dramatically affects every single area of your life. By changing how you normally do your mornings, you're giving yourself more chances at living the best life. Instead of always beating the time, try to wake up earlier and do the following: 1. Do not touch your phone as soon as you open your eyes. 2. Stretch and take 20 deep breaths. 3. Prepare a cup of tea and allow the sun to touch your skin and activate you. 4. Enjoy your tea, inhale the beautiful aromas, exhale all the bad thoughts. 5. Name 4 things you are grateful for. 6. Don't forget to eat your breakfast. In alternative medicine, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip this, you're decreasing your mental capabilities and will lack more energy throughout the day. Here's something to motivate you in the morning. We are 20% to 30% OFF on our products in our Shopee! Get them here before it lasts! #cleopatrassecretph #skincare #skincareph #organic #naturalenjoy #longlifetea #organictea

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