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Posted 1 week ago

Some updates for my biz...There are still so many "IF'S" to what I am writing...still so much uncertainty in the next few months...Day by day and week by week....we will get through this! I'm not adding in any more custom orders through June. Two main reasons--\ 1.) Supplies are limited right now--\both baking and cleaning. 2.) Many customers are postponing orders, so I will need to add them in to my calendar in next 1 to 3 months-ish. I have secured enough ingredients an d supplies to get through the next two weeks of orders that are still in my book. I am working with y'all in regards to canceling, postponing, and lessening quantities of your orders. I totally understand the "trying times" we are in. It does not bother me at all if you need to cancel. I have a lot of orders for Easter week. I am hoping things settle down by then so I can still fulfill those orders. I am going to go 'til I cannot go no mo'! (...until I run out of ingredients and supplies, until the government shuts down food services all together, etc, etc...) I hope to do quick little flash sales when I can. Keep an eye out for my posts (usually on Thursday or Friday mornings.) **As always, I appreciate your support through these crazy times! Feel free to private message me with any further questions. 💗 Mo

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