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Good Day! Thank you for choosing FB: Maki Sushi Factory For orders you may reach us on FB messenger or DM us at 0917 896 96 45/ 0926 681 1000 MENU -Updated FEBRUARY ,2023 Our Freshly made Assorted Maki comes with the following: 1. California Maki - comes in Orange, Yellow and Green 2. Futo Maki 3. Black Sesame Maki - Lettuce and Japanese Tofu 4. Kani Maki 5. Add-ons available upon request-( Salmon and Tuna Sushi Roll, SPAM Maki, Tamago, Kani Salad, Crabsticks, Wagyu beef cubes, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi) Prices of our Assorted Maki Package 10pcs- php200 1-2 good for pax 20pcs- php280 3 pax 30pcs- php340 3 pax 40pcs- php440 4 pax 50pcs- php540 5pax 60pcs- php700 6pax 80pcs- php870 8pax 100pcs- php990 10pax 150pcs- php1,245 15pax 200pcs-php1,735 20pax 300pcs-php2,340 30pax 400pcs-php3,370 40pax 500pcs- php4,895- 50 pax 800pcs- php7,350 good for 80-100pax Our Best Seller GIFT - HEART SHAPE MAKI 60pcs- PHP800 100pcs-php1040 150pcs-php1,285 170pcs with SPAM- php1,595 200pcs- php1,785 ADD-ONS for your Assorted Maki Package Or Ala Carte: 1)Salmon Sushi roll- PHP145.00 10pcs 2)Tuna Sushi roll- PHP145.00 10pcs. 3)Wagyu Beef cubes a5 saikoro steak COOKED: 1/4 kilo php650 1/2 kilo php1,200 1 kilo php 1,750 500grams at PHP880 per pack uncooked 4)TAMAGO-PHP185.00 5)Kani Salad- PHP350 for 3pax Ala carte- PHP220 6. Crabsticks 1/4 phpP200 7. Crabstick 1/2 php 400 8. 1kg Japanese cheese sticks PHP 650 1/2 japanese cheese sticks PHP 400 1/4 Japanese cheese sticks PHP 250 SPECIAL ORDERS: (pre-order) GIANT SIZE Futo maki- PHP350 4pcs SPECIAL GIANT FUTO Maki( Salmon, Tuna, Tamago, Mango, Crabsticks, cucumber combined in one roll) PHP 585 4pcs SASHIMI PACKAGE SALMON Sashimi 1/8kilo- Php 445 1/4 kilo- PHP 650 1/2 kilo - PHP1280 1 kilo - PHP1820 Tuna sashimi: 1/8kilo Php 445 1/4 kilo -PHP720 1/2 kilo- PHP 1280 1 kilo- PHP1,880 Tuna and Salmon Sashimi COMBI Small PHP1280 Medium PHP2560 Large-PHP3980 FOR EVENTS PACKAGE: For small gatherings, wedding, birthday, baptismal, office events and other events Executive package - 8,850 Special High Grade Presentation Good for 60pax Stellar 6 at P9,995- buffet Style DISPOSABLE SET-up( included disposable condiments) ( good for 80 to 100 pax) Includes: Assorted Maki, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Salmon and Tuna Sushi roll, Wagyu Beef Cubes, Tamago, Maki Spam, EXCLUSIVE DELIVERY CHARGE #makisushifactory #sushi #makisushi #sushidelivery

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