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Posted 2 days ago

Rest in paradise, Mr. Pablo Baen Santos. Thank you for your contribution to Philippine visual arts. You will be greatly missed. Pablo Baen Santos together with Antipas Delotavo and Renato Habulan, were once prominent members of the social realist collective called the "Kaisahan". They created art for the purpose of articulating conflict and effecting social change. For #ArtFairPH/Projects 2018, the three artists pushed form beyond the limits of the frame and returned to the e...thos that had always defined their practice: to draw on the wellspring of current events and depict a nation in a state of conflict. On their exhibition entitled, "Triad", Santos painted Duterte’s cusswords and the shouts of angry masses. Delotavo constructed a coffin alluding to the lack of social justice. Habulan fashioned a multi-media installation of war’s dystopic aftermath. Asserting the idea that art is a comforter of the afflicted, afflicting those who live in comfort, Delotavo, Habulan, and Santos prod at society’s open wound and expose conflict’s visible debris. Words by Pristine de Leon #PabloBaenSantos #Triad

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