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Posted 8 months ago

For all those suffering from the dreaded virus that has been going around, this combi worked for me & Jayce! Apparently these two plants have very strong anti-viral properties & all we did was dilute it in fractionated coconut oil. Then we applied the combination on the soles of our feet 3-4x a day. The soles of our feet have the largest pores so absorption was fast and distribution of its healing properties within minutes. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ We were at our wit’s end when Jayce woke up o ne day super lethargic, weak, with loss of appetite, and with a really bad cough and cold. He couldn’t kick the virus for days now and we have tried the usual natural remedies as well. So happy we chanced upon the Oregano-Thyme combination. It was our first time to try it and it truly made a difference as we saw Jayce improve within minutes. Gave it in the afternoon and by nighttime, he was almost back to 100%! Amazing, right? As for me, though everyone in the family got hit by that nasty virus, effect on me was minimal. I was the last to get it and took the combination at the same time as Jayce did and I think that’s what made the difference (I sure didn’t have the strongest immune system with days of lacking sleep, stress, and the usual poor diet as I juggled work and taking care of everybody who was sick!). Make sure to dilute your oils correctly when using this combination okay? Oregano is a hot oil so it can be irritating when used topically. Our Customer Service Hotline can help you! 👍🏻 Just send a message to 09171774366. #TheParentingEmporium #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy #TPEApproved

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