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Mac Eparwa's continuous use of fire as a parallel image to represent attitudes that arise within a group through his torch-bearing, fire-spewing nuggety characters becomes ever more poignant. Fire embodies passion, courage, will, and life. Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Eparwa illustrates how a group with "fire enough"—reasons powerful enough—carries within them a spirit of relentless resolve until their cause has been achieved. At the end of it all, Dance Now in the Flames entails weighing the costs of war. Each flicker of light casts shadows that remind us of the sacrifices made and the toll taken by conflict. This series is a materialization of the artist’s contemplation, not only the beauty of the spectacle but also the truths it symbolizes—fire consumes and transforms. It is a mirror to the complexities of the human experience, where every triumph is tinged with the knowledge of potential loss. The exhibition is on display at the Altro Mondo Creative Space until April 20, 2024. Gallery hours are from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10 AM to 5 PM. #altromondoart

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