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Posted 1 year ago

Genuine MH755 and MH750s have been harder and harder to come by lately because of the demand. Beware of fakes! Glad we found a few more! And they're PINK! 😍 Bringing back Modern × Classic Bundle MH755 white or MH750 black + Vido Retro Drivers + A TOA handmade custom upgrade cable (Handbraided copper 8 core or Nimble 🔥 ) Only at Php 1199!! A budget-fi IEM and earbud combined, with a custom-grade upgrade cable for one affordable price! We highly recommend trying or Nimble Cables, an experience beyond just regular copper upgrade cable Thinnest and lightest 8 core upgrade cable ever by TuneOut Audio! It's only 2mm which makes it light as feather you'd forget you're wearing one! Great for everyday rugged commutes or even working out! Robust paracord insulation for cable protection. All these packed in a TuneOut Audio Premium Look! A special mix of 4 core crystal copper + 4 core copper which we find to sound better than just a plain ol' full copper upgrade cable A new breed of ULTRA BUDGET cables, that's custom made for you. 👍 Baka last batch na ng Sony namen to Guys. Hanap namen kami ng ibang maganda! Hehe PS: Wala na sanang mag HHM 😁 Add-ons: MMCX BT Cable : 350 Extra Nimble Cable : 439 Hybrid Silicon Tips : 50 Stock MH750 with Mic - 450

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