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Posted 4 months ago

Day 5 of #MuseumWeek Theme: #ExploreMW Have you visited the National Planetarium’s recently renovated and opened Ethnoastronomy and Space Science gallery? Designed with vibrant colors and youthful layout and characters, this new gallery hopes to introduce the rich but understudied ethnoastronomy heritage of the Philippines and spark interest in space study and exploration to young audiences. Visitors will know about how early populations looked up to heavenly bodies to g uide them in their daily lives. They will learn how some selected major ethnolinguistic groups pay close attention to the movements of the sun, moon, stars and constellations, as well as other celestial events such as eclipses and comets, and associated them with their environment and activities. Moreover, they become aware of how these groups put their faith in the behavior of the skies as they seek direction in sea navigation, agriculture, and in determining the right timing to celebrate life. As visitors enter the National Planetarium, Juanito and Tala, two young Filipino characters guides them in their space journey. Tala is the Filipino term for ‘star’. Her name was a winning entry through an online contest where netizens were encouraged to take part in coming up with the most suitable name that represent her who, together with Juanito, comprise the tandem that encourage children to develop interest in astronomy as a field of study and promote the National Planetarium as a fun place in which to visit and learn. Besides the exhibition, full-dome shows can be enjoyed through a hybrid projection system integrating the 1975 analog projector with a digital projection system installed in 2017. This pioneering innovation is the first in Asia, developed by the Japanese company Goto. #NationalMuseumPH #MuseumWeek2019 Text by Rai Salterio/NM MSD Photo by Ronnel Suansing/NM CMVOD ©The National Museum of the Philippines (2019)

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