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Posted 1 week ago

Stress has been the most used up word and one of the reasons for many diseases, cancers and stroke. To be honest, it's not the stress, but how you cope with it. Sadly, if you are "following" what society wants you to do, it's telling you to drink your problems away, shop til you drop, watch Netflix, play games, basically it involves you buying or paying for something. It teaches you to not think about major things like: 1. Maybe my job is killing me 2. What makes me really happy? 3. What happens when we die? 4. Who am I? What's my purpose? Stress is not the problem. It will always be there. But to live a beautiful, happy life, fries and a big giant ice cream won't get you there. For a while it will. But once that ice cream goes in to your body, guess what, it stays there. It clouds your mind, makes you feel heavy, makes you feel tired, makes you feel like you just want to rest. You'll need coffee to wake you up and give you more fake energy to eat more of junkfood, work long hours. Let's add more to the equation, you eat late, you eat fast, you eat while working. How can your body absorb the food? You will get tired. No nutrients. You'll need more coffee to give you fake energy. Then you sleep late, watch Netflix until 3am. Tell me how can your body repair itself. It will alway follow nature forever. Even if you sleep 6am up to 2pm, it's doesn't matter. 11 pm to 3am is the time it makes blood, tonifies blood, and detoxifies blood. So if you don't sleep, it can't do it. You become toxic internally and it affects your mind. Yes, mind and body will always be connected. It's not a myth. It's happening to you right now. What you eat, you become. Then you are wondering why you feel anxious. Why is skin oily. Why are pimples coming out. Why are you so irritated. Stress is not the problem. Change your habits and change your life. P. S. Just helping out. Use this time to recharge yourself, connect with Earth, walk on the earth (not on cement), lessen gadget exposure. Happy weekend everyone! 😊 #cleopatrassecretph #cleopatracares

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