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Posted 4 days ago

Is your mask wounding you? 😷 It’s not just #maskne that’s a common risk when wearing masks regularly (which we should!). PPE wear can also result in ... 🔴 Allergic reactions to allergens in the mask material like dyes, elastics and some antibiotics. 🧽 Abrasions and irritant reactions from chronic rubbing or friction. 🩹 Wounds when that friction or pressure causes actual cuts in the skin. Applying Boo-Boo Balm on the worst contact points can provide some cushioning and slide, and help hasten recovery. #TopTipTuesday #skingenious Need more care for your mask or PPE concerns? Book a (tele)consultation today with VMV Skin Research Centre+Clinics! #hypoallergenic #booboobalm #coconutoil #monolaurin #maskitis #contactdermatitis #sensitiveskin #SavingTheWorldsSkin

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