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It’s Lyric’s Back To School Sale 2022 happening from September 1 to 30, 2022! With your credit card, avail of 12 months/0 % interest on your fave musical instrument or pro-audio gear at your nearest Lyric or Peavey branch! From worship centers to concert halls, a good mixer is needed to ensure clear and reliable audio in the venue. Peavey has a selection of powered and non-powered mixers to fit your venue’s needs. The FX™2 16-Channel and FX™2 24-Channel Non-Powered Mixers with USB and Effects feature twice the processing power of the original. FX2 Series mixers feature new, Peavey-exclusive technology to enhance live sound reproduction and project studio recording, including Silencer mic preamps, which allow very high gain with low noise and distortion for crystal-clear signal reproduction. These mixers also include dual DSP engines that allow multiple simultaneous effects assignable to any channel via aux 5/6. Onboard effects include reverb, reverb enhanced, delay, compression, expander, de-esser, chorus, flanger, tube emulator, vocal enhancer and gate. The mixer features dual USB 2.0 ports, and the "A" USB connector allows streaming of digital audio directly to a computer or memory stick as well as exclusive, built-in MP3 compression. You can record/play back your rehearsals, songwriting sessions or live performances directly to an inexpensive USB stick. The Peavey PXR™ 1000 and 1000L (with Bluetooth) all-in-one powered mixers provide up to eight combination XLR and 1/4" inputs using Peavey's award winning mic preamps, and 500 watts per channel for crystal clear audio reproduction. Both use exclusive and patented features like Midmorph® to accurately help improve tone and clarity of vocals. Feedback is quickly and easily identified and removed with Peavey's 7-band graphic EQ combined with our patented and revolutionary FLS® Feedback Locating System. The PXR 1000 is equipped with Peavey's exclusive Kosmos®-C technology which drastically enhances both the low and high end of the audio spectrum. Footswitchable built in 24-bit digital effect compliments the already feature packed unit. Connect almost anything to these versatile mixers via the onboard 1/4", RCA and 1/8" mini jacks. Lyric’s Back To School Sale is made possible with our partner banks: BDO, Citi, BPI, PNB, Metrobank, EastWest, at Security Bank. Play the Best Brands with Lyric! #Lyric #LyricPh #LyricBackToSchoolSale2022 #LyricSeptemberSale2022 #12MonthsZeroInterest #Peavey #PeaveyMixers #16Channels #24Channels #PoweredMixer #NonPoweredMixer #AudioMixer #ProAudio #BDO #CITI #BPI #PNB #Metrobank #EastWest #SecurityBank #PlayTheBestBrands

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