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Posted 1 week ago

An invitation from National Artist Kidlat Tahimik: “As our favorite historian Yoyoy Villame chanted: “On March 16 1521…” the date Ferdinand Magellan and his slave Enrique de Malacca landed in Limasawa Island. The kayumanggi slave could speak Bisaya with the natives— (which Kidlat Tahimik considers as a linguistic Geiger-Counter) indicating he had returned to the island of this mother tongue. So after 99 days crossing the Pacific Ocean, the honor of the 1st Circumnavigator belongs to our own “unschooled” seafarer Enrique. His Indio-Genius GPS allowed him to read the waves, currents, and stars— thereby guiding the starving Spanish fleet to our islands. When Lapulapu stopped Magellan in Mactan, Magellan had completed 99% of the earth’s circumference. He lacked 1% of his full circle (to reach Malacca where his western voyage began.) Enrique, kidnapped by slave traders who brought him to Malacca and sold him to the Portuguese admiral— who sailed Enrique across 99% of the globe's waters. Ergo: 1% + 99% = …? Tumpak: 100%!!! Mabuhay Enrique!... our BalikBayan #1!!!” In commemoration of the 502nd anniversary of the arrival of the Magellan-Elcano expedition in Samar, the #NationalMuseumPH and National Artist Kidlat Tahimik invites you to a free film screening of Balikbayan #1 on March 16 and 18, 2023, at 2 p.m. at the National Museum of Anthropology. NA Kidlat Tahimik will grace the film screening on March 16 and will deliver a director’s overview. To register, click this link: Hurry up, because slots are limited! See you there!

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