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Typically marked by blotchy, itchy, or otherwise irritated skin with feelings of heat, Eczema refers to a group of skin conditions that cause sufferers both physical and mental anguish. The symptoms associated with eczema are typically eased via steroids and topical medications, but these often lead to unwanted side effects. This Eczema paste is a natural paste that helps ease the symptoms of eczema while suffering minimal side effects. When integrated into a healthy lifestyle, this paste can greatly help reduce the severity of eczema symptoms. Benefits of using this paste are; Soothes itchiness, Helps clear heat from the skin and Helps calm the redness. Here in Cleopatra's Secret, we believe that Eczema is not the chief issue in and of itself, but rather, the sign of a deeper problem.�Stress, gluten and dairy are often a major trigger and a few lifestyle changes are necessary to avoid aggravating the condition.� Our holistic approach is to help the body get back in balance by addressing the root cause of a disease while managing the discomfort of symptoms. You also want to eliminate things that irritate and worsen eczema. Recommended Health Tips: 1. Our Heat Clearing Tea can offer some relief for the redness and the itchiness, as well as clearing the mind of restlessness and anxious thoughts. Drink 1 cup 30 minutes after breakfast or lunch. 2. Avoid cheese, ice cream, dairy, milk, or creamy sauces. 3. Avoid sour or citrus foods. 4. Exercise and getting some fresh air would be best for you 5. Make time for your wellness. Meditate daily for 30minutes, get adequate exercise and learn to rest, especially after 5pm. 6. Sleep early. If you have problems sleeping, try our Sleepy Magic Tea and drink 1 cup 1 hour before bed.� For more details, you go towards our to check the complete benefits or simply DM us if you’re not sure if this is best for you! #cleopatrassecretph #cleopatracares #kidney #energy #eczema

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